you only live once

well, i did it. i quit my job, as of tuesday. i'm a free woman! (well next friday i'll be a free woman)

...and then, i freaked out.

what did i just do?! i QUIT my job!? we could barely make it with both of us working, now it's just Chris?! did i just do that? how can i make this work?! i'm the biggest procrastinator i know! ...ok take deep and out...ok, i can do this, i CAN do this.

now i'm on to bigger and better things like officially getting backyard*INK up and running!

yeah, it'll be hard and even a little scary at times, but i did it. i stood up for something i care about, and i'm moving on and doing something that i love. i'm starting to live my life. i mean, you only live once, right?  and you only get this one chance to do what you really care about, so...why wait?

this is the best decision i've ever made.  and i feel really good about it.

watch out world, here i come!!

ok...there's nothing to watch out for, i've just always wanted to say that.