we interrupt our scheduled program

in exactly 4 days my momma turns 50.

and in exactly 3 days my sis and i are throwing her a very small but totally awesome 50th birthday party.

she wanted something small and intimate, but memorable and fun.

if you know my mom, you know she is not a 'typical' mother who is turning 50. she is someone who has her own awesome style, and loves color more than rainbow brite (i really think she sets the trends sometimes), and has more energy than a 13 year old girl at a Hanson concert (are they still cool?). she inspires me to be a healthy, positive and a confidant young woman.

(don't you love the Farrah Faucet T-shirt?)

so anyhoo...back to this totally awesome 50th, did i mention hawaiian?, birthday party. i've been a huge fan of girlhula on flickr for awhile now and she throws the most amazing parties. so of course, she has inspired me to go all out for my moms 50th with her 'Super Epic Rainbow Party' for her sweet daughter. i SO want her to plan my next birthday party. i love love love her photo's and her blog . please, if you like color, and anything retro check her out. it will just make you happy.

so, today i will be working on planning this party for my momma and will try to post some after pictures this weekend. i'm sure it won't even come close to girlhula's but we'll see what we can do. see you soon!

p.s. here's a recent photo of my momma:

p.p.s. my momma also makes jewelry ...you should go check out her fun stuff!