weekend fun

our weekend started out like this... we were driving to our local art fair (which we were a part of), and the skies opened up and just poured buckets of rain, lightning every few seconds and the thundering was LOUD. it seemed mother nature was angry about something, but we had plans to get down there and sell some stuff! we could see the clouds starting to part behind us, so we figured it would be over by the time we got there. WOW, we were wrong. it stopped for about 10 minutes, and then started ALL over again. so we were stuck inside the tent until it let up enough for us to run to our cars. and apparently, the ground inside the tent couldn't soak up the rain water fast enough...so this is what the bottom half of us looked like. Also we missed the worst of it before we got down there. my mom and sister were setting up when the storm started, and tables were being blown over, and art work was getting rained on (everything was saved, phew) Thanks mom & sis for saving my stuff! the boys were running in and out of the tent trying to close everything off so the rain couldn't get in. thanks boys! i'm not sure if you can tell or not, but chris is completely drenched here. then...i stepped in the giant puddle and got my flip flop stuck in the mud, trying to hurry and get stuff out of the rain. then it came loose and sprayed mud ALL over me.

see the giant puddle to the left of me? it was like a mini woodstock in there.

we still managed to have fun though...especially since we were sharing the tent with a few other women. it reminded me of my girl scout days.

needles to say...we didn't really have any customers that night.

BUT, the rest of the weekend went pretty good. I only sold two things, but my sister almost sold out, and my mom and my cousin did pretty good (as always) with their jewelry.

heather's embroidered onesis

heather, Mickaela and mom in the tent

some of my cards

all in all, it was a fun and eventful weekend! now lets hope the art fair we're doing in October is much more dry!