sporadic postings

i know, i know...i'm not so good at this posting regularly thing. we've been kinda busy here lately, with car troubles, the dog getting sick (and the medicine making her sicker, but she's ok now), travel plans being arranged and then re-arranged, garage sales being planned and birthday presents being made.

phew! that made me tired just typing it out.

i've been working on backyard INK design projects (nothing paid, YET), but it seems people are wanting photography instead. which I'm completely fine with.

it's funny, photography has always been a BIG hobby of mine since i was little, but i haven't really been 'serious' about it until now. now that people are requesting it. it's funny how the universe works and things just 'turn out' the way they were always supposed to. i guess i should listen to my mother more often, haha.

so out of all the craziness i managed to take some pictures here and there:

we got to visit our good friends jeff + brandy and little (big) ezra.

we found a somewhat working photo booth, needless to say i was elated. the photos turned out VERY dark, but it was fun fitting 4 adults and a 5 month old into the teeny tiny booth.

we got to spend time with chris' family in denver (and all three dogs had a little reunion)

ate lots and lots of good food, and celebrated larry's birthday.

and got to spend some time with this little one, who is SO hilarious, not to mention freakin' adorable! (she ALSO had a birthday recently, her very 1st.)

thanks to everyone who's been patient with my sporadic postings and for stopping by, i can't tell you how much i appreciate it.

much love,