52 weeks wednesday

like a mentioned in my last post, we had a busy and relaxing weekend. i also mentioned finding some mid-century modern goodness at a garage sale. well...this is one of the many reasons i love my husband. most guys would probably roll their eyes at the idea of garage sale-ing and looking at furniture (especially antiques), but as soon as we drove up to this garage sale, we both just looked at each other, our eyes widened and we gasped. two awesome, mid-century modern shelves, in good condition, for $20 each. no way. (not to mention a ton of other mid-century modern goodness...we were like kids in a candy store) we decided that we had to have one. without even discussing the matter. we both agreed.

did we have a place to put it? did it matter? nope.

he loves this kinda of stuff just as much as i do (if not more...is that even possible?), and it makes it so fun when we find great deals like this together. he was so excited about the shelf, that he started putting it together as soon as we got home, he doesn't waste time with mid century goodness.

it now sits in our office, right behind his side of the desk. and yes...it's already fully stocked and decorated.

relaxing and enjoying a picnic together at the park after putting our shelf together. he's so great, this one. :)

p.s. oh, and in case you're wondering, the mohawk is still there...i talked him into keeping it a little longer. ;)