52 weeks wednesday

it's that time again folks, and not only is it 52 weeks wednesday BUT it's also the week of my favorite holiday. Halloween.

Halloween is ALSO the anniversary of me & Chris' first date ever. waaaaaaay back in college, i believe the year was 2003. He FINALLY (that's another story for another day) wooed me into a first date, and decided he would woo me even further by dressing up as the amazing comic book hero we all know and love: SPIDERMAN!

unfortunately there were no adult sized costumes left, so he decided that a child sized costume would have to do. now keep in mind, this is a full body costume. yes. he really thought it would fit. i have no idea how he thought this would work, but that didn't seem to cross his mind, at the moment.

now you see, i have no image in my head of this um... awkwardness of a costume, all i have are the words of his best friend and roommate, Nate. oh poor, poor Nate. the only word that comes to mind is...camel toe. serious camel toe. like i said, Nate was the only one 'lucky' enough to have this image burned into his memory, and i have no clue what he said to chris but when i arrived all i saw was Chris wearing the top half of the costume, with pants. Thank You Nate.

so, with that story in your mind i bring you the weekly shot:

Happy Halloween and happy 7 years of awesomeness darlin'. :) thanks for always making me laugh.