52 weeks wednesday

*WARNING: THIS POST might GET slightly CHEESY & SENTIMENTAL, SO I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE* sometimes i forget how lucky i am. like, really, really lucky. (ok, the whole post is cheesey...but hey i warned you) to have a husband who completely supports me and believes in me without question. When i decided to quit my nanny job and start backyard*INK he was behind me 100%, even when i wasn't completely sure it was the best decision, he knew we could make it work and knew that i would be happier and gave me that little nudge i needed to branch out.

while driving home after our recent photo shoot i realized that during these shoots i've been doing, he's been tagging along, carrying my camera bag, giving ideas and pretty much just hanging out. so i asked him if he'd rather just stay at home while i did the shoots, since it seems like a pretty boring job to stand there and hold my camera bag. and of course he said he likes being a part of it. Thank God! because, the truth is, he is the person (not me) who gets everyone to relax, laugh, and just be themselves. I don't know what i would have done if he said he'd rather stay at home. so even though he doesn't have a camera attached to his face, he's still a HUGE part of backyard*INK and i don't know what i'd do without him.

so, thanks for all your help and support darlin'. you rock.