52 weeks wednesday

this weekend chris and i were preparing for a house guest (my BFF), so on Sunday we spent the ENTIRE day cleaning the house top to bottom. all i have to do is ask if he'll help me and he doesn't stop until the job is done. we did dishes, laundry, cleaned the bunny's cage, swept the floors, mopped the floors, played ball with the dog (to try and wear her out), gave the dog a bath, dusted the house top to bottom, changed the sheets, put dishes away, put laundry away, organized the office, cleaned the bathroom, washed all the rugs in the house, made a grocery list and menu for the week, went to the grocery store...aaand i think that's it. it seems like a lot more than that though. and i think he did most of it. it's so nice to have a husband who understands that having a clean house for company is important and works his butt off for me.