holiday honey pot shop

this weekend my sister and i took part in a local holiday art fair, the Holiday Honey Pot Shop at the new River Market Event Place (which is beautiful!). we had so much fun and it was a total success. It was so exciting having people come up to our table and actually want our stuff. they couldn't get enough of heather's cute little handmade bags and my ABC posters seemed to be a hit. Phew! it feels good that our hard work is finally paying off. unfortunately we didn't sell any framed prints (that chris worked so hard on), but i plan on putting those on etsy, where i have a feeling they will sell better. i also wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out and supported us! it was much appreciated! here are some pics i took of the show...(please excuse the not so great photography, as it was crowded and busy, so i snapped in a hurry)