52 weeks wednesday

another snow day here for chris. YIPPEE!! ...although i'm not sure how much he's enjoying it, he's outside shoveling the driveway right now in the 7 deg. weather. then again, this IS chris i'm talking about, who LOVES the snow. ;)

i took this yesterday, after he came home from a half day of work because of the Snowpacolypse, SnOMG, Snowmageddon, Snowlonoscopy or my favorite, Blizzard of OZ...so fitting. I'm glad he came home when he did, because i'm not sure he would have made it home at all. they pretty much closed the whole entire city. roads were closed, every business was closing down, and they even had the National Guard here just in case. it was definitely the snow of the century.

i'm glad he loves the snow so much, it makes winter more fun for me. :)