funny valentine

since we are living on a tight budget right now, we decided to stay in for Valentines Day. so i managed to transform our kitchen into a mini italian restaurant last night and made homemade lasagna. and once chris got home from work, we made bruschetta together. it was so easy and SO good!  after dinner we decided to take the dog for a walk and show her some love too. then came home to watch our traditional movie, Amelie, only to find the movie was missing (at my sisters). so we watched the funny Bruce Almighty...not exactly a love story, but Jim Carrey gets me every time. and how can you not love Steve Carrell's scene where he can't stop rambling off crazy sounds. i was in tears, i was laughing so hard. freakin' hilarious. hope all you love birds and non-love birds out there had a good Valentines Day as well!  here are a few pics of our date night in.