52 weeks wednesday

***a day late*** i took this while we were visiting the Arch in St. Louis this weekend. i'm thankful that he always encourages me to take trips like these and spend some quality 'girl time' with my bestest friend. we had so much fun, just us girls, and then just as much fun when he came up to spend the weekend with us. i love that he gets along so well with my best friend. it helps that they have one major thing in common, though.


yes, we all know how much chris is in love with cars (almost as much as he loves his own wife), well tanya is just as bad...er, i mean, she loves them just as much...if not more (if that's even possible). this is the part where tanya and i differ...i'm SO clueless when it comes to cars. so clueless that i can't even remember what kind of car she has. whoops. i know it's an infiniti, G somthing or other...and it's a convertible...and it's super sexy. anyway, back to chris. so...she let chris drive it.



he was pretty happy to say the least. it was fun watching him drive it, i think he was smiling the whole entire time he was sitting in that drivers seat.

her car made it very difficult to get back into our 1998 nissan sentra to drive back home.