52 weeks wednesday

***** another day late *****

lately i've been feeling that i can't count on people anymore. i've been getting let down a lot lately and it's so frustrating. it's no one in particular, just people in general. i know that sounds pathetic, but there it is.

BUT, that's what makes Chris different, he is someone that i can ALWAYS count on, no matter what, and i am so thankful for that. i would be a mess without him. and sure he drives me crazy once in awhile (i'm sure i drive him crazy more!)...but that's just life, nothing is perfect 100% of the time. but he's probably perfect 99.9% of the time. it's sickening, really. ;) but i love him for it.

p.s. sorry for the mushy/negative/downer post. i promise tomorrow will be a better day. i just had to get it out of my system. so thanks for listening. :)