my little sister's bridal shower

we had so much fun planning my sister's bridal shower and even more fun at the shower. it was a huge success, but i'll let the photos do the talking. :)

the bride made this awesome sign for the entrance!

a photobook of all the fun times Heather + Jason have had together and a yearbook photo of them in their 1st grade class (they were in the same class and right next to eachother in the yearbook!)

the awesome food name tags designed my Chris

the beautiful bride-to-be with our momma

best friends!

heather with her awesome soon-to-be-mother-in-law

the quiz we gave all the guests

welcoming our grandma and family

giving answers to the quiz

my best friend had the most unique answers, and was very excited when she would get one right, as you can see. ;)

giving advice in the advice book.

i hope you had a good time sis! it was so much planning this for you. :)