52 weeks of Chris

yup, i know...i missed a week. but what can you do?


i added an extra photo this week since i missed last weeks post


so this week's photo is actually from last week (while we were baby sitting for some good friends of ours).

as soon as we got to their house the kids were super excited. George, the girls' dad took Chris aside to show him something in another room, and Eleni (the 3 year old) looked at me and asked 'is it just going to be us girls?!' and i replied, 'no Chris is coming back'. which made her sad because she wanted it to to be 'just the girls'...or so she thought. when their parents left, Eleni didn't leave Chris' side. they colored together and played together, while i chased Elexi (the younger sister) around and played with her. When Elexi's bedtime rolled around, i got her ready for bed and tucked her in. when i walked into the other room, this is what i found...

i love her little eyes peeking at chris. :)

i love this shot, only Eleni can pull off a tutu, sans shirt, haha.