a haircut + a hot date

this weekend we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and thought it would be fun to splurge (thanks to mom + dad) on a fancy dinner out to Justus Drugstore Restaurant.

but before we went to dinner, we thought a haircut was in order for this guy.

he's so cute

when you go to Justus for dinner, prepare to be wowed. it's quite the production and they know how to make you feel right at home. for being a fancy schmancy gourmet restaurant, it doesn't have that stuffy pretentious feeling when you walk in. you're greeted right away by the friendly and down to earth staff and it's such a small and quaint space that you feel comfortable right away. not to mention, the food is to die for. each bite is like a little bit of heaven in your mouth; they sure know how to pair unexpected flavors together like they were meant to be.

i took some photos, but due to the romantic mood lighting, i wasn't able to get very good ones...but here they are anyway. :)