vacation recap; brandy + ezra

about a year ago, our good friends jeff + brandy moved from kansas city back to their hometown in colorado with their new little boy ezra. every time we visit colorado we always try our hardest to see them. this time it was just brandy and ezra, but we still had such a good time. it's always so relaxing and laid back, and ezra is such a fun little boy. whenever we meet up, it feels like we just saw them yesterday, nothing has changed and we pick up right where we left off. this time brandy made the drive to denver and we walked to the park, but kept getting rained out with little sprinkle showers, so we decided to go hangout in chris' parents backyard, just in case we had to make a mad dash inside, at least we'd be closer to the indoors. i think we might have to do this more often. it was free, relaxing, fun and we could easily catch up and chat. until next time!