what i did on my summer vacation (pt.2)

one of the days we were there, we took a little drive to Colorado Springs to visit our friends. the drive is always full of traffic but you really can't beat the scenery. am i right or am i right? ...or am i right? we always meet them at their house, all squish into one car and drive somewhere to go play. this time we went to Manitou Springs, which is always a favorite of mine...a quaint little mountain town with an indoor/outdoor arcade in the town center with...a photobooth. yes, that's right, a photobooth. you know me and my love for photobooths. :)

after we got back into to Denver, Rhonda and Larry took us out to Little Ollies, one of our favorite asian restaurants. one whole side of the restaurant opens up and you can feel that cool Colorado crisp air breezing in.

...then the coolest thing happened. apparently fireworks weren't allowed in Colorado this year b/c of all the fires (obviously) so they delayed them until August 18th. Most people forgot about it, including Chris' parents so as we were driving home from dinner, we heard fireworks going off...and we decided to follow them to see if we could get a better view. as we were driving for a closer look we noticed that there were people standing by their cars looking up, it was like the whole city had stopped what they were doing to watch. by the time we had stopped, we were literally right underneath them, we could feel the ground shaking underneath us and they were filling up the sky. it was like something out of a movie, we all went home with huge smiles on our faces and couldn't stop talking about how cool it was. definitely the highlight of the trip. :)