oh yeah, I'm an aunt :)

so you all probably know this by now, either from seeing tons of pics on facebook or flickr, buuuut... I'M AN AUNT! I'm mostly posting this for me (and Penelope) to look back on someday because i never want to forget how amazing this experience was. I was so lucky to be in the room during the birth of my little niece, and not only was i in the room, my sister wanted me to take photos as well. I know, i'm a lucky girl. ;)

i had asked my sister, a few months after she told us she was pregnant, if she even wanted me to take photos during the birth. she pretty much said yes but wanted to make sure it was ok with her hubby. Even though this was something i REALLY wanted to do (more than anything in this whole wide world) i tried not to push it too much. i knew it was an exciting and special moment for them and i didn't want to intrude on that if they wanted to keep it intimate and just between the two of them.

so up until the day she had miss penny, i wasn't sure what they were going to say, and i kinda figured it was going to be a no. i had my camera and extra lenses, batteries and memory cards just in case, though. we arrived at the hospital and found out that she was dilated to a 7 and heather looked at me and said "are you sure you can handle this?" i just looked at her and jason like "wow, you really want me to?!" and i of course said, "YES!"

that was that.

a few minutes later the nurse came in to check her dilation again and i took this opportunity to go pee (tmi? too late). as i was in the bathroom chris knocked on the door and said it was go time, she was going to start pushing. i thought he was joking. he wasn't. so i ran outta the bathroom and into the room to begin the most memorable experience of my life.

now this is where i let the photos do all the talking.

IMG_5527 copy

IMG_5530 copy

IMG_5535 copy

IMG_5586 copy

IMG_5536 copy

IMG_5552 copy

IMG_5561 copy

IMG_5595 copy

IMG_5616 copy

IMG_5628 copy

IMG_5632 copy

IMG_5653 copy

IMG_5667 copy2

IMG_5671 copy

IMG_5675 copy

IMG_5689 copy

IMG_5695 copy2

IMG_5700 copy

IMG_5718 copy

IMG_5740 copy

IMG_5745 copy

IMG_5754 copy

IMG_5760 copy

IMG_5763 copy

IMG_5767 copy

IMG_5771 copy

IMG_5779 copy

IMG_5799 copy

IMG_5817 copy

IMG_5824 copy

IMG_5826 copy

IMG_5839 copy

IMG_5861 copy

IMG_5865 copy

IMG_5867 copy

IMG_5872 copy

IMG_5881 copy

IMG_5889 copy

IMG_5902 copy

IMG_5908 copy

IMG_5921 copy

IMG_5924 copy

IMG_5931 copy

IMG_5945 copyi love you penny mae. :)