our backyard

thanks to Chris' parents, we have some new additions to our backyard this summer.  they sold their house in CO and have moved to the beautiful northwest.  when we went out there this spring to help them pack, they sent us home with lots and lots of goodies (which gave me an excuse to buy more flowers this year). ;) we also did a little rearranging and created a new little flowerbed (which used to be patchy grass and lots of weeds) next to the door going into the garage.

we still have some work to do but here's a little peek of what our yard looks like now.


IMG_5569 - Version 2

IMG_6744 - Version 2

IMG_5543 - Version 2

IMG_5578 - Version 2

IMG_5545 - Version 2

IMG_5572 - Version 2

IMG_5577 - Version 2

IMG_5583 - Version 2

IMG_5582 - Version 2

IMG_5563 - Version 2

IMG_5551 - Version 2


IMG_6739 - Version 2

IMG_6740 - Version 2

IMG_6742 - Version 2

IMG_6754 - Version 2

IMG_5562 - Version 2