a new website for a new year

it's been awhile, huh? as you can see, i've been a bit sidetracked with a new project, a brand spanking new website/blog for backyardINK. woot woot! i feel like it's been a long time coming and i should say more, but i'm not so good with words. so i'll just say i'm so happy it's finally here and done. you missed a lot while i was gone, but don't worry, i'll help you catch up. 

it took a lot of time planning and putting this space together and i love how it turned out. simple and clean. but i would be lying if i didn't say that it's really your opinion that matters the most here. i would love to know how this site works for you. is there something i could improve on? something i could add or subtract? are you able to peruse around the site easily? can you find everything you need? I'm thinking about adding an extra page of just reviews from past clients, for future clients to read through, so they know what a photoshoot with backyardINK is like. what do you think? would that be something you'd like to see? i would love to hear your honest thoughts, anything that could improve this space even more would make me super duper happy. :)

...and here's a cute picture of my niece for good measure.

IMG_5211 copy.jpg