Thanksgiving weekend

i decided to get the ol' camera out this past weekend and take some 'real' pictures. i've been realizing lately that i only use it for work (photo shoots and Bella Baby) and not personal. I used to use my camera every single day, it was practically an extra limb, but now, with smart phones, i don't need to carry around my heavy DSLR, because i have a camera in my pocket. but i really miss those days when i had my camera with me everywhere i went... maybe that'll be my new years resolution. ;)

Anyway... we had a great, filling Thanksgiving and decided it was a good weekend to decorate for Christmas. We wanted to get a real tree this year since it's our first Christmas in our new house and we just love the way a real tree makes the whole house instantly smell like Christmas. Pretty much the day after Thanksgiving is Christmastime for me, all bets are off and the Christmas music comes on everyday, the decorations come out and it makes this cold, dead, gloomy part of the year seem more magical and fun. 

IMG_8297 copy.jpg
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