i know i'm late to the macaron craze (i'm always late to these things) but the other day i ate my first one.  i've been avoiding them for awhile now b/c they didn't look appealing to me. i think i was born without a sweet tooth. but i finally decided to try one the other day and was surprised at how good they were!! i had to get some more to share with my family (since they had never tried them either). so on my way to work (i work part time with my mom and sister) i stopped by Little Freshie and picked 5 of the yummiest looking ones, which was a VERY hard decision. they all looked amazing. i ended up getting toasted coconut, pineapple, mango, strawberry hibiscus and pistachio.

my favorite is still the pineapple, my mom's was the toasted coconut and my sisters was the pistachio. penny also tried some. she was sitting on my sister's lap and grabbed a bite before we we had the chance to see if she wanted some. she knew she was missing out on something good. as soon as she took a bite she closed her eyes and said "mmmmmmm". i think her favorite was the mango. she finished it before any of us could get our hands on it again, haha. 

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