a way to grow

hi guys, Happy 2015! i have a few new years resolutions (i can never narrow it down to just one) that i wanted to share. i've heard that if you tell people, you're more likely to finish your goals/resolutions. so here goes. 

1. go on a walk everyday (with chris). - this one is pretty easy, i/we try to walk a lot, but we've really been slacking lately, making excuses and being lazy, so we end up just sitting on the couch and watching TV instead. my clothes are getting too tight, so this is not ok. ;) also, i just want to be healthier and walking is one of the healthiest forms of exercise. plus it's a good way for us (me and chris) to connect and unplug.

2. grow as a photographer. - yesterday i decided to join a friend in a 365 project, where i'll post a photo (here, on Instagram and Facebook and maybe flickr too) that i take each day this year. i don't use my SLR as much anymore, ever since i got a smartphone, and i feel like i need to get back in the swing of it and maybe learn some new tricks and expand my creativity. lets get this creative brain working again...mmmkay?

3. find something positive in everything. - this one might be a little tough... i'm usually a glass is half empty kinda girl, but i'm trying really hard to be a glass is half full kinda girl. there's so much in my life to happy about and i need to remember this everyday. :)

ok, i think thats it... here are my first 2 photos for my 365 project. one from yesterday and one from today. let's hope i can keep this up (see there i go again, being negative... let me try again... let's do this!)


1/365 - we woke up at my sister's on New Years Day, a pretty fun way to start the new year! 

IMG_1791 copy.jpg

2/365 - took down the Christmas decorations today, it always feels so refreshing and cleansing.