a little tour of our new home

i took these a few weeks ago (there's been a few tiny changes since i took these) and almost forgot to post them. we are loving our new little ranch house so much, it really feels like ours, now that we have our favorite photos hanging on these walls and lots more color!

there's still a lot of little things i/we want to do, the porch needs furniture and plants this spring and summer and the guest room is nowhere close to being done, i just quickly put it together when my BFF came to visit over Christmas... it's mostly Livy's room for now. ;)

IMG_2967 copy.jpg
IMG_2966 copy.jpg
IMG_2970 copy.jpg
IMG_2972 copy.jpg
IMG_2974 copy.jpg
IMG_2995 copy.jpg
IMG_2991 copy.jpg
IMG_2978 copy.jpg
IMG_2993 copy.jpg
IMG_2981 copy.jpg
IMG_2982 copy.jpg
IMG_2986 copy.jpg
IMG_2988 copy.jpg
IMG_2997 copy.jpg
IMG_3000 copy.jpg
IMG_3001 copy.jpg
IMG_3005 copy.jpg
IMG_3007 copy.jpg
IMG_3009 copy.jpg
IMG_3012 copy.jpg
IMG_3013 copy.jpg
IMG_3014 copy.jpg

^^^ the guest bedroom ^^^

IMG_3018 copy.jpg

^^^ the office ^^^

IMG_3019 copy.jpg
IMG_3020 copy.jpg

^^^ hi! ^^^

IMG_3029 copy.jpg
IMG_3024 copy.jpg
IMG_3027 copy.jpg