we are the champions, my friends

my documentation of the Royal's World Series parade. still so excited that we won. Kansas City truly is, forever Royal.

i didn't get any good photos of the parade, we were too far away and at the end of the route, but i still wanted to document the experience.  so here ya go!

IMG_7592 copy.jpg
IMG_7593 copy.jpg
IMG_7602 copy.jpg
IMG_7604 copy.jpg
IMG_7607 copy.jpg
IMG_7615 copy.jpg
IMG_7623 copy.jpg

weeeee are the chaaaampioooooons!

IMG_7639 copy.jpg

see that person on top of that building? he's waving to us. :)

IMG_7645 copy.jpg

this was pretty much our view of the parade, but we didn't care, we still had so much fun celebrating our boys in blue. 

IMG_7662 copy.jpg
IMG_7679 copy.jpg
IMG_7684 copy.jpg
IMG_7689 copy.jpg

that's Alex Gordon, if you couldn't tell. ;)

IMG_7698 copy.jpg
IMG_7699 copy.jpg
IMG_7700 copy.jpg
IMG_7722 copy.jpg
IMG_7725 copy.jpg