a little behind...

my recent 365 photos that i haven't yet posted.

IMG_4421 copy.jpg

30/365 - decided today was a good day to burn one of the coconut scented candles my mom got me for christmas. i'm starting to get bored with winter and wishing for summertime already. if i can't have summer outside, at least i can have it inside.

IMG_4467 copy.jpg

31/365 -  a cold and rainy day, well spent, walking around a museum, sometimes not even looking at art but pretending you're outside on a sunny day. 

IMG_4507 copy4.jpg

32/365 - nee nee just turned 81 years old on the 30th. i'm so glad she's still here with us, even though sometimes she's not really 'here'. we went to visit her this morning and she loved watching the snow fall and kept commenting on how pretty it was. she also noticed that we were all laughing at something and asked us what it was about, i told her it was because chris wouldn't stop winking at me, she said 'well, that's because he wants to see you smile." as advanced as her alzheimer's is, she's still as wise and witty as ever. ;)