adventures in the PNW (pt. 1)

the first post of many (sorry, i took way too many photos, as usual). some of these are with my Canon 6D and some are with my iPhone. 

away we gooooo! we flew Southwest for the first time in many years and i will always fly Southwest from now on, everyone was very friendly, we were given free, real snacks (food = happy tina) you don't have to pay to check your luggage (for the 1st two bags per passenger i think) and we got (free) drinks on a half empty, red eye flight. can't beat that. ;) 

we woke up the next morning to this view, outside R+L's apartment.

we took a little hike on a trail in their backyard...

...and took a few dips in their pool when it got too hot. 

IMG_4439 copy.jpg

the next day we took the ferry to Whidbey Island for R's birthday and spent the day there, walking around the beach, peeking into the cute shops and eating the best pizza and drinking some good (strong) wine.

IMG_4446 copy.jpg
IMG_4463 copy.jpg

the view from the restaurant where we scarfed down the best pizza and got a little tipsy from the wine. but that's what you do when you're celebrating someones birthday, right?

back on the ferry, on our way back to R+L's.

Chris's mom thinks our sky in MO is beautiful, but i think she has a much prettier skyline. 

the next day we drove to Snoqualmie Falls and had a very accidental Twin Peaks Day.