adventures in the PNW (Seattle)

we walked through Chinatown once we got to Seattle and we made the mistake of eating lunch there with someone who is highly allergic to fish... i don't know what we were thinking. we weren't i suppose. we were hungry. and then disappointed because the place we picked was a 'safe' place and not adventurous. sorry Chris. but dinner was much better, for everyone. we ate at Delicatus and the sandwiches were to die for. YUM. i love deli sandwiches and sometimes i wonder if i have the stomach of an old, Italian man. it's possible. 

in between eating, we walked into a cool, vintage styled baseball apparel shop where Chris bought an obligatory but awesome Seattle Rainiers baseball t-shirt, we then had some yummy treats in China town after lunch, wandered around the sculpture park, and you know, just... hung out. it was nice and relaxing. Seattle is a very pretty city, i hope to go back someday and explore it some more.