on the road to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Road trips are the best, am I right? Even Livy agrees, she hopped in the car and curled up, ready to go, before we finshed packing up the car. She's a great road trip partner (except when she gives herself stupid hotspots, but that's another story for another day). This was the first real vacation we'd had in 8 years where we weren't visiting friends or family and it was just the two of us (and livy), exploring a new place, enjoying each others company. It was much needed and as much as we LOVE visiting our awesome friends and family it was so nice to be on our own schedule and relax, be selfish and do what we wanted to do, 24/7. Chris is  the best travel partner and we had so much fun on this trip. We took 2 days to drive to Santa Fe so we could relax, not feel rushed and just enjoy each other's company. We stayed in a cheap, roadside motel in Boise City, OK on the first night (hoping it wasn't a bad choice)  it was much more fun than we expected and it ended up being the best decision we made. When we got to the motel the sky was getting dark, clouds were rolling in and it was getting windier by the second. We decided to quickly take Livy on a walk to stretch her legs and then we got caught in a rainstorm, but couldn't even be mad about it as we ran back to our room, laughing and enjoying the cool rain on our skin. A few minutes later the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun came out. We opened the door to our room, sat on our bed and ate our dinner, enjoying the cool breeze leftover from the rain. Afterwards we decided to go on a real walk,  around the teensy, tiny town we were staying in and watch the sun set. it was the best way to start our vacation.