Santa Fe, NM | part TWO

Our first morning in Santa Fe happened to be our Anniversary (9 years, woot!) so Chris made us breakfast and we enjoyed it on our little deck in our private backyard of our Airbnb. It was the perfect way to start our day. Afterwards we took Livy on a little stroll around the neighborhood we were staying in and admired all the gorgeous adobe homes. Each one was so unique and had so much character. 

We then decided to check out the Santa Fe Flea Market and just take it easy and see where the day led us. The Flea Market was so much fun, there was live music, delicious street tacos, freshly made pineapple juice and lots of vendors with colorful, unique treasures. I wanted to buy it all. There were so many vendors selling antique turquoise jewelry and I about freaked out over every single piece. I found a few rings that I couldn't pass up and really wanted this beautiful bracelet with a thunderbird on it but Chris talked me out of it, saying we should see what else is out there first since this was just our first day, I sadly agreed (knowing I can get ahead of myself) and moved on. The whole time we were at the Flea Market I couldn't stop thinking about that bracelet so I decided to go back, and if it was still there, it was meant to be mine. Sadly it was gone. When we got back to our Airbnb later that morning I was taking some photos of all my treasures from the flea market and Chris asked me "are you taking pics of all your goodies?" I replied yes and he came up behind me with the bracelet I was wanting and said "don't forget this one. Happy Anniversary." Best. Surprise. Ever. He's a sneaky one.   

We ended up running into the woman who ran the flea market, (because we were following each other on Instagram and she recognized me from my photos), and she offered to take that photo of us ^^ and also recommended this amazing taco truck (the name is escaping me now) close by. After the flea market we were getting hungry for some lunch and decided to try it out. She was right, they were SO amazing and probably the best damn pork tacos we've ever had, we even shared a few bites of pork with Livy (who never gets people food). 

We then headed back to the plaza, checked out the Native American Market where we found more gorgeous art, and ended up buying some unique and handmade turquoise jewelry and pottery. 

This church below is The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi and it was stunning inside. 

The next stop was the San Miguel church which is the oldest church in the United States, and right next to it is the oldest home in the U.S. 

After walking all over the plaza we went back to our Airbnb and chilled on our deck for awhile while we watched some storm clouds roll in. We decided it was a good night to check out Meow Wolf, a crazy, indoor, interactive art installation and a good way to spend our anniversary.